Avocado yarn


This is one skein of my hand dyed hand spun cotton yarn.  For this one, I first dyed and spun the cotton, then plied it with a rayon thread.    There is variation in thickness, from worsted weight to super bulky.

The cotton I buy starts out on a big roll.  The cotton is so fluffy that if you try to dye it right off the roll, the dye just rolls off!  So first I pull off a big hunk and run it through the washer.  That gets it wet enough that it will start absorbing things.  From there it is on to a soak in a soda ash solution, which provides the base so the dye will fix to the cotton.  After soaking overnight, I add the dye and make sure it is stirred in.  As you can see from the yarn it never stirs in quite as evenly as you think it did.  It soaks there over night, then it is back to the washer for a hot wash to get out any excess dye.  After it comes out of the dryer, it is in a big ropy mass.  Unlike many of the things I spin, the length of a cotton fiber is very very short, about a quarter of an inch.  So rather than spin like I do with alpaca or bamboo, I “strip” the cotton into long strands that are the right thickness for spinning.  Then it is off to my Louet spinning wheel (which is older than me!)  to be spun and plied.  Then it is another trip through the washer to set the twist, and it gets dried in the sun.  From there it is finally ready to be made into skeins like the ones you see here!

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5.7 ounces 74 yards, 6.6 ounces 86 yards, 6.7 ounces 88 yards, 6.9 ounces 90 yards, 7.1 ounces 93 yards, 7.7 ounces 101 yards, 8.2 ounces 107 yards, 8.3 ounces 101 yards