Bark Yarn


This is one skein of my hand dyed cotton/rayon  yarn.    This is an unusual yarn in that it is a strand of rayon and a strand of cotton plied together rather than being blended fiber.  It is 5.4 ounces and approximately 330 yards.   As you can see from the picture there is some variation in thickness, but overall I would call this a fingering weight yarn.

Yarn like this comes on a big roll that weighs between 9 and 15 pounds.  To make it, I first use my weasel to make a huge skein of yarn.  No, that isn’t the kind that runs around the yard, that is a spinning weasel.   Then I soak the yarn in a soda ash solution, which provides the base so the dye will fix to the dye to the yarn.  After soaking overnight,  I lay out the big skein and decide what dye to put where.  Once the dye is on it sits for several hours so I can make sure the dye has set.  Then it is a trip through the washer to set remove excess dye, and it gets dried in the sun.  From there it is finally ready to be made into skeins like the ones you see here!

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